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My Montessori Story

It was almost ten years ago when I first heard the word Montessori. My Aunt Cath was telling me about it. She was telling me how transformative of a teaching method it was and how my cousins thrived in that environment. She also told me she thought I would really enjoy learning more about it and she could see me becoming a Montessori teacher. I admit. I was half listening. I never considered becoming a teacher and really didn't feel the urge to pursue it.

Two years went by. I kept hearing about Montessori. On a trip to San Diego, CA to visit my friend Mary, I went and visited the MISD training center. It was beautiful, but again I didn't feel pulled in that direction. I went back to New York City and put it away from my mind. All this time, when I was resisting Montessori, I was deep in work with children. By this point, I had been working as a nanny for nearly five years. Mostly working with young children, it filled my days with joy and purpose. However, a little voice began to trickle in every now and then; a whisper of longing, doubt, and wondering what might be next. I'll never forget the day that I decided to pursue Montessori training. I was in the East Village, I was outside, and I sat down in a chair and decided. It was such a gut feeling and I knew it was right. Earlier that day, I had an interview with the Washington Montessori Institute. My interview was supposed to be with the Primary trainer, but luckily for me, Jamie Rue answered the phone. We talked for about 15 minutes, and within that time she spoke about a transformation training experience, lifelong friendships, and a job at the end of it. I was hooked and I decided that day. I spent the next week sending in my application and within three weeks I was moving out of New York and moving to Baltimore, MD. It was such a whirlwind but the entire time I felt calm and ready. That moment, the following year, and the years that have come afterwards have completely changed my life. Montessori was the missing piece I needed. It helped my confidence, my appreciate of simple beauty, and my fueled my deep love of working with children. So, that's my Montessori story. What's yours?

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